Spinach Frittata

By Ace Physio Published: Spinach Frittata Healthy Summer Recipes by Ace Physio Toronto Physiotherapy Sports Injury Clinic

Most people live with a wrong notion that a healthy, low fat breakfast can never be exciting.  But spinach frittata is here to prove them wrong! It is a great food to begin your day with and kick start it with a happy note.

The use of liquid egg substitute instead of usual eggs and low fat version of cheese keeps your worries about putting on extra weight at bay and gives a flavoursome twist to your breakfast. The high nutrient content of the leafy greens, like spinach, is an added bonus and prepares you for a hectic day ahead. Spinach frittata comes with a healthy dose of Vitamin A, C and K, followed closely at heels by magnesium, manganese and folate. They also find the caring company of phyto nutrients from spinach who fights against any inflammation in digestive tract and thus help s lead a salubrious life.

The best part of spinach frittata is that you can relish all the goodness of veggies and eggs without sacrificing flavours. Every morsel of this breakfast dish is a treat by itself. The spinach delivers a pleasant crunch to the frittata while the tomatoes enrich the zest with its playful tartness. The veggies receives a perfect compliment from the earthy tone of the mushrooms and a hint of nuttiness from the cheese gives it a new dimension altogether. So welcome mornings with spinach frittata and stay active!

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Yield: 1 Frittata (4 servings)
Serving size: 1 medium slice


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