Physotherapy in Toronto


Whether you are just looking to improve your overall health, or you’ve had an injury,  one of our registered physiotherapists can help you.  Ace Physio offers the highest quality physiotherapy in Toronto.  We are innovating and pioneering modern health care, by combining modern equipment along with a traditional physiotherapy approach.

At Ace Physio we work with you to; maximize your strength, function, movement and well-being, while reducing your pain or suffering.

At Ace Physio our physiotherapists have in-depth knowledge of how the body works, utilize their specialized clinical skills to assess and treat symptoms of illness, injury or disability.

Our team of Ace Physio health professionals are informed on the most up-to-date research in the prevention and treatment of injuries. All of Ace Physio`s Physiotherapists are registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario and are trained to treat acute (recent) or chronic (long standing) conditions.

Physiotherapy services available:

  • Individualized exercise programs
    Exercise within the clinic and/or home exercise programs. Exercise program includes: stretching, strengthening, stabilization and functional activities.
  • Manual Therapy
    Mobilize the joints of the spine and extremities, create movement and restore pain free range of motion.  Manual therapy techniques include: joint mobilization (gentle gliding) techniques, manipulation aka adjustments, muscle energy techniques (MET), proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), active release therapy (ART), soft tissue massage.
  • Postural & Biomechanical Analysis:
    correction of posture,
    lifting techniques,
    sporting techniques
    running techniques
  • Workplace Assessment
    fitness assessment
    health assessment
    medical assessments
  • Therapeutic modalities:
    shockwave therapy
    gua sha
    cold laser
    electrical stimulation,
    spinal decompression
  • Strapping
  • Braces
    Ultralight Magnesium Alloy Custom Braces Available!!

Taping and bracing – Taping and bracing injured joints and body parts protects those areas from further re-injury and allows for an earlier return to activity.

Physiotherapy in Toronto

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