There are many chiropractors, physiotherapists and medical doctors opening up so called ‘spinal decompression’ centers all over the city charging minimal rates of $20-$25 a treatment. The reason they are able to offer sessions at such a discounted price is because they but they are not using TRUE Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression tables. Instead these health care practitioners using often ineffectual and sometimes harmful old style rope and harness spinal traction tables. We are being very careful to not become grouped together with these often shady health care practitioners, and are committed to educating out patients about the differences between old school rope and harness traction tables and our TRUE Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression tables, and also to differentiate between fake so called Decompression tables which are actually just the same disguised rope and harness traction tables labeled as Decompression tables, and are not TRUE Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression tables like our Evolution DT® table.

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Traction vs. Decompression

Many patients are simply uninformed today between the differences of traction tables and true vertebral axial decompression tables . We are here to educate you that they are indeed very different. They are different in how they go about decompressing the injured discal areas of the spine, the level of patient compliance obtained, and most importantly the clinical results achieved. It is widely known that many chiropractors and physiotherapists are promoting their traction tables to patients on the premise that they are just as clinically effective as decompression tables. Also, some companies along with chiropractors and physiotherapists go so far to actually label their traction tables as decompression tables. We have many patients who initially went ahead and treated their spinal condition using a traction table. After all, if one can get just as good results with a table that costs less per treatment session , it’s only logical to save your money by purchasing the less expensive treatments. The reason why treatment using the Evolution DT®, a true vertebral axial decompression table, is more expensive than traction tables is because the technology that is implemented is very advanced and expensive. Traction tables are very inexpensive to manufacturer because they lack the sophisticated technology to successfully circumvent the body’s natural guarding factor which is initiated when a cervical/lumbar spine undergoes distraction forces. Today’s traction tables do not get past the muscle guarding of the paraspinal muscles very easily. The general belief amongst spinal decompression experts is that traction tables only surpass the muscles guarding after the core muscles are completely fatigued and exhausted. It is only at this point where the negative intradiscal pressure is realized. For many patients, this causes extreme pain, core instability and muscle spasms during and after treatment which can last throughout the whole treatment program. It is due to this that many patients undergoing therapy on a traction table can’t make it past only a few treatment sessions. It is an extremely inefficient way of decompressing the spine. This is why many patients undergoing treatment on traction tables never can complete the treatment plan. It simply is too painful to do so. Therapists using these tables sometimes spend more time trying to get their patients to even continue their treatment plan. Where as at Ace Physio using the Evolution DT® report to us that >95% of all their spinal decompression patients fully complete their treatment program.

Decompression vs. Decompression

This leads us to the question on whether or not all true vertebral axial decompression tables are created equal. The success of Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression therapy solely relies on getting past the muscle guarding of the para-spinal muscles to create a negative intradiscal pressure environment to cause a vacuum effect which in turn allows for an influx of nutrients and oxygen to rehydrate the injured discs, the injured end plates to heal, increases disc height and reduces the nocioceptive reaction to bio-chemicals released by injured discs. All true vertebral axial decompression tables successfully accomplish this, but they are all different in how well they do so, how well they can specifically target the injured discal area(s), and the level of patient compliance achieved. The Advanced Back Care Evolution DT® comes out on top because its efficacy of targeting specific injured segments of the disc is unparalleled with its pelvic-tilt, split table design. Also, its ability to avoid muscle lock down and spasms during and after treatment is phenomenal. Over the years with experience with more than one decompression or traction table, the patient compliance brought about by the Evolution DT® is unparallelled, and we actually find that many patients will literally fall asleep during treatment within a couple minutes. After treatment, our patients are not unsteady on their feet nor sore and in pain. It is because the Evolution DT® circumvented the sympathetic mechanoreceptors due to a technologically advanced combination of the Intelligent Actuator Technology™, highly sensitive sensors, target-specific pelvic-tilt system, and superior computerized programming all working together in perfect harmony. With the Evolution DT®, you will receive the best in vertebral axial decompression therapy.

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